Building Backlinks Using Broken Links

Link building has always had a central place in Search Engine Optimization. However, the way link building has been done has varied in the recent past. Needless to say, all these strategies have been largely affected by Google’s updates to its search engine algorithms. If there is one lesson to take home it would probably be- “What works today, might not work tomorrow”.

However, with the recent trends, the avenues for building backlinks have decreased significantly. Now, it is all about quality of the backlinks, and the number of websites which provide quality are limited. Hence you need to squeeze the most value from every opportunity available. One untapped potential for getting backlinks are the dead backlinks which are present on other websites. The way link building has been changing in the recent past, we at SEO Vancouver have decided help you increase your links by tapping the potential that dead links offer.

What Are Dead Links?

Dead links are those links which link to websites or URLs which have been shut down, moved to new location or have been re-branded. Such dead links present an opportunity for you to build your backlinks. You can build some quality one way links by tapping these dead links.

Identifying Dead Links:

In order to build links from dead links, the first step is identifying dead links. This can be done by using many browser extensions available for your browser. For example, Check My Links is a good extension available for Google Chrome which highlights dead links on your webpage, according to the Best SEO company. You can use this tool to search for dead links on the web page you visit.

If you want to do an in depth search using HTTP header responses, you can use HTTP Header Status Checker tool. This tool also takes into account the response headers sent by the resource.

Finding Useful Websites:

In order to find websites which can be used for building links. Google search is our obvious best friend.  You should use keywords which can bring out the best websites with potential for you. Niche websites can be found using searches too. Many websites have a dedicated page for backlinks, named as ‘Resources’ and such says SEO Vancouver.

Select The URLs You Want To Target:

Once you have a list of websites, you should scour the blog posts and links pages for dead links in your niche. Such links can be found in plenty on most websites. Blogs can also have such links since many websites do not pan out the way they are supposed to be. Make a list of all the websites and the links you are targeting.

Final Step – Reaching Out:

Once you have the list of resources ready, you should compose a good email, full of positive expressions towards the target website and inform them politely about the dead link and ask them to replace the dead link with a link to your website. Since dead links do not provide any utility to the websites, and webmasters too want them out of their website, they would in all likelihood, pay attention to your email.

We hope that after reading this article, you would be able to convert a lot of dead links into backlinks to your website.

Contemporary SEO Tactics That Can Help Improve Your Search Rankings

Everybody who has hired an SEO wants one thing, and one thing only- An improvement in keyword rankings or search rankings. This in turn means an increase in the amount of the traffic people get from search engines- organic traffic. Since this traffic is one hundred percent free and people aren’t spending any money on it, people want it more and more. In order to achieve this, an SEO firm is hired which takes the task of optimizing the website and achieve the very same objective.

However, not everyone gets the same result they expect. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Many a time people engage in unethical practices, many a time they have no idea what works and what doesn’t and many a time they are unsure as to what strategy would exactly yield what results. In order to remedy this situation, we are bringing the best strategies that can help with improving the SEO of your website.

Use Infographics:

The use of infographics can make your content more appealing and engaging to the customer, reports SEO Vancouver. Infographics make your content easier to understand, which in turn makes it more engaging and hence beneficial to the user. It is a point without any doubt that engaging and well written unique content is what gets ranked top in the search results. Infographics have been proven to strike a chord with the user and hence make a greater level of engagement highly likely as compared to traditionally written, boring, old style content.

Guest Posts:

Guest posts have always added a new dimension to the existing content on a website. Though initially all guest posting meant was writing meaningless content with the aim of just getting a linkback, this has changed in the recent times. Once declared ineffective for link building, guest posts can help you in other ways such as by increasing your authority over the subject. A large number of shares can also increase your presence across various platforms. All this publicity and rapport can definitely help you taking things up a notch. However the bottom line remains the same, your content has to be unique, top quality and engaging. If your posts follow these guidelines, you will definitely be benefiting from guest posting. Even the best seo services recommend high quality guest posting every now and then.

Imitating What The Leaders Do:

In order to have a campaign as successful as the leader of the keyword, you copy the strategies of the topper. You just take the url of your competitor and can do a backlink search with any online website which allows you to look up the backlinks of the website. “Yes, it is as simple as that”- adds SEO Vancouver. A simple search would lead you to the sources where the best in the business come from. Once you have demystified the source of their strength, there is nothing stopping you from imitating what they are doing to stay at the top. The same things can take you to the top.

Don’t Be Shy:

In order to be making the most out of it, you should never shy away from giving an interview. An interview not only does improve your credibility, it also helps in making a bond with your perspective client base which means you get to incubate a sense of trust with your business.

Getting on top today is no easy job, but it isn’t impossible either. All you have got to do is to invest in the right strategies and you can see wonders happen for yourself.


SEO Simplified: Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not new at all but it has started making news all for good reasons lately. For a marketer who is trying to get his hands on internet marketing skills, basic SEO training is an absolute requirement.

In this post, I’ll lay down 4 simple easy-to-approach steps which will cover the basics of SEO in every aspect. If you are new to internet marketing and want to at least know the ABCD of SEO then this post will help you greatly.

1. Start looking up for profitable keywords:

One you have established what you have to market on internet then the next prominent step is to make a list of most profitable keywords.  Now, remember that the keywords have to be relevant to your product or service. Gone are the days when one could pick any non-relevant keyword and target it to get traffic. Google’s algorithms are constantly upgrading themselves and the factors responsible for search engine ranking are out there in Google’s forums. Keyword targeting is the most important factor among 200 of them.

Long tail keywords like “Adidas bag packs for men” should be targeted rather than short keywords like “Men’s bags”.

2. Create meaningful content:

If there is one thing which is free of cost and is the most influential in terms of search engine ranking then it is “Supreme Content”. According to SEO Vancouver, content marketing is the present of marketing and it can very well be the future also.

Now, keeping up with highly trained competitors is not easy when it comes to content marketing. If your site is filled with content which is not providing any real value to the reader then you are not doing your job properly. The best thing to do in copy writing is to find flaws and extendable knowledge points in already present piece of content. Never stop editing!

Each piece of content should be thoroughly researched and planted in such a manner that the reader sticks till the end. SEO Vancouver has some interesting thoughts on the modern content management and marketing. That’s right, a huge number of content brings management issues with it which has to be handled.

3. Welcome the crawlers and take care of them:

Crawlers are the Google’s bots who are designed to gather information from your site and then index your site in its directory / search rankings. So, make your site easy to be crawled by the bots.

There are certain fundamental things you could do:

  • Include sitemap and proper navigation tree in your site.
  • Perform URL optimization and keep them in medium range if not short.
  • Never ask a reader to perform any undesirable action in order to read the content of your site. Google may discontinue such content.

4. Be socially active:

Social media is now a necessary tool to mark your presence in the market. According to SEO Vancouver, if you are trying to establish your brand in the market then you’ll have to be super active in social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc. bring in a lot of target traffic in your site which in turns results in better optimization.

These were some basic things which should be considered while starting your online marketing campaigns. Go and give it a try!