SEO Simplified: Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not new at all but it has started making news all for good reasons lately. For a marketer who is trying to get his hands on internet marketing skills, basic SEO training is an absolute requirement.

In this post, I’ll lay down 4 simple easy-to-approach steps which will cover the basics of SEO in every aspect. If you are new to internet marketing and want to at least know the ABCD of SEO then this post will help you greatly.

1. Start looking up for profitable keywords:

One you have established what you have to market on internet then the next prominent step is to make a list of most profitable keywords.  Now, remember that the keywords have to be relevant to your product or service. Gone are the days when one could pick any non-relevant keyword and target it to get traffic. Google’s algorithms are constantly upgrading themselves and the factors responsible for search engine ranking are out there in Google’s forums. Keyword targeting is the most important factor among 200 of them.

Long tail keywords like “Adidas bag packs for men” should be targeted rather than short keywords like “Men’s bags”.

2. Create meaningful content:

If there is one thing which is free of cost and is the most influential in terms of search engine ranking then it is “Supreme Content”. According to SEO Vancouver, content marketing is the present of marketing and it can very well be the future also.

Now, keeping up with highly trained competitors is not easy when it comes to content marketing. If your site is filled with content which is not providing any real value to the reader then you are not doing your job properly. The best thing to do in copy writing is to find flaws and extendable knowledge points in already present piece of content. Never stop editing!

Each piece of content should be thoroughly researched and planted in such a manner that the reader sticks till the end. SEO Vancouver has some interesting thoughts on the modern content management and marketing. That’s right, a huge number of content brings management issues with it which has to be handled.

3. Welcome the crawlers and take care of them:

Crawlers are the Google’s bots who are designed to gather information from your site and then index your site in its directory / search rankings. So, make your site easy to be crawled by the bots.

There are certain fundamental things you could do:

  • Include sitemap and proper navigation tree in your site.
  • Perform URL optimization and keep them in medium range if not short.
  • Never ask a reader to perform any undesirable action in order to read the content of your site. Google may discontinue such content.

4. Be socially active:

Social media is now a necessary tool to mark your presence in the market. According to SEO Vancouver, if you are trying to establish your brand in the market then you’ll have to be super active in social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc. bring in a lot of target traffic in your site which in turns results in better optimization.

These were some basic things which should be considered while starting your online marketing campaigns. Go and give it a try!

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